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Clackamas Community Advantage



Chris O'Brien
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Vital Data

Population: 27,680
Median Income: $59,986
Median Home Value: $520,600
Median Age: 34.4

Products Available In This Zip Code

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Magazine Postcard
Double Side Magazine Insert

Custom Direct Mail Postcard

Release Schedule

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Since 2003 the Advantage Guide Magazines have been an exciting way for local businesses to target and reach local area consumers.

These direct mailed magazines publish every other month on full color, glossy magazine stock.  Since each publication targets a specific community, we are able to connect with consumers in a way that many of our competitors are not,

on a very local level.  

The diversity of great local businesses inside each issue allows our magazines to enjoy a long shelf life, meaning more redemptions for your offers.  Looking for a great way to reach local consumers? Look no further than our local area Advantage Guide Magazines.

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